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Many of our customers (that includes most of our engineers) use Firefox as our main web browser. There are some sites that just run better in Microsofts Internet Explorer (IE) and some that just don’t run at all without it. I just spotted a plug in for IE that lets you run IE as a […]


The Google Phone

Mobile - September 17, 2008 - 1 Comment

Just as everyone is getting settled into the iPhone hype there’s something creeping around the corner that appears to only getting very technical press. So I bet most people haven’t got a clue it’s on it’s way. Any the ‘it’s’ is a phone from Google (well more of a phone operating system). What’s interesting about […]


Glo Hosted Servers

Servers - September 12, 2008 - 1 Comment

Here is a little look at how we do our servers here at Glo Networks. We recently upgraded the hardware of our hosted server to speed up the system and offer greater capacity for extra virtual servers. Break down of the system – Hosted server running Windows Server 2003 x64 and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 […]


Google Chrome Beta

General - September 3, 2008 - No Comments

Google Chrome Beta, Google’s new web browser is available today for download, if you have Google as your homepage you may have already seen the link to download it. First impressions are good, it seems to load pages very fast with some nice features. It automatically imported my bookmarks from Internet Explorer, We would suggest […]