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Glo Backup – Announcement

Desktops and Laptops, Operating Systems, Operating Systems, Servers, Small Business Software, Software - June 1, 2009 - 4 Comments

glo-net-logo_03Glo Networks are about to launch their new online backup solution. In the past we’ve used and resold solutions by some of the worlds biggest players but always found their costs and feature set clashing.

How would you like a fully managed backup for your desktop with 10GB of data for under £13 per month ?

More info later this week ….


  • Felix Sunday says:

    I will like to know in details what glo backup is all about, what does one need it for and how can one use it?

  • glo backup simple means that when ever u your sim is missing or been stole ur cantact inside the stoling you can still get ur contact back

  • Chris says:

    Hi Omoruyi not really sorry. Glo Backup is software that is installed on your desktop, laptop or server. You then pick which programs and data you’d like to backup and it puts them on a secure server online for you. You pay per Gb on what you backup.

    Would you like more info ?

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