Goodbye GloHelp & NinjaRMM, Hello Datto!

If you’re an existing Glo customer, you’ll know that we’ve been using GloHelp for logging & managing tickets to resolve your issues. GloHelp was completely custom made by Karl, Glo’s Technical Lead, over 12 years ago. We decided to custom write a helpdesk as we struggled to find a solution that fits our needs. We’ve been keeping a close eye on possible GloHelp replacements for the past couple of years & nothing really WOWed us into making the transitions, until now.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been testing a helpdesk package called Datto. We’re really impressed with it & have decided to migrate from GloHelp to Datto over the next couple of weeks. Datto will also be replacing our Remote Monitoring & Management system that we currently use to monitor & connect to devices, NinjaRMM. At the moment, GloHelp & Ninja are completely separate. But as Datto will be our helpdesk & RMM software, we’ll be able to link tickets to the RMM software which will allow us to be much more efficient in resolving issues.

How will this impact our active customers:

Over the next couple of weeks, we will begin adding more of our customers to the Datto platform. We’re just in the testing phase for the time being, so we’re just getting the agents installed on customers equipment, so if you see anything related to “Datto” pop up on your RDS servers or machines, rest assured it’s just our new software that we’re testing.

Before we move completely over to Datto from GloHelp, we will be sure to have some form of documentation created & distributed to our customers. This documentation will cover everything that you need from Datto from a customer’s perspective. So this will include things such as:

  • How to log into the Datto helpdesk
  • How to open a new ticket
  • How to add a note to an existing ticket
  • Where to view currently open tickets
  • How to attach a file to an open ticket
  • Etc.

What added benefits will Datta provide:

Datto will help us in our mission to continue to deliver an excellent level of service by streamlining the ability to raise new issues and update existing ones directly from our agent installed on your computer or via email.

As a result of this change, we will also have improved monitoring and more pro-active responses to issues to allow us to fix them before they become a problem to you. Another thing we will be doing as part of this is moving away from TeamViewer remote support and towards Splashtop, which will allow us to assist users on RDS’s better than TeamViewer currently can.

Datto’s monitoring agent will also allow users to raise a new call with us directly from the agent that will be installed on their machines, reducing the time it takes to log an issue & get it resolved. We know a lot of our customers only raise issues via email as they don’t want yet another website to keep an eye on. Fortunately, Datto will allow users to email us & raise a new call on the helpdesk automatically, saving both our customers and our engineer’s time!

Differences between GloHelp & Datto to take note of:

All our existing customers who currently use GloHelp will receive new login credentials to access the new Datto helpdesk soon. If you log into GloHelp regularly, you will notice that the helpdesk will change in appearance, things may be laid out slightly different than usual. We will have enough documentation to make this transition as smooth as possible.

As we transition to Datto you may notice some changes to the endpoint software installed on your computer, we will take care of this in the background for the most part and you shouldn't need to do anything as part of our move. You will notice TeamViewer missing from your programs & a new piece of software being installed called “Splashtop”. We will use Splashtop for the same things that we use TeamViewer for, but the process will be much smoother! There will be no need to ask for the ID & password when connecting to RDS sessions.


We will be rolling this out over the next few weeks, starting with the RMM, a few customers at a time. We will log a call on GloHelp to let you know that we will be carrying this out in advance so you can expect to see the new software being rolled out. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or queries on moving over to Datto.

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