Why do I need IT Outsourcing ?
Most companies start with a computer or two and at some point add a server. Maybe your company has already grown and now you have a several servers and a few desktops. Usually we find that an ad-hoc network is initially built by someone within the company who 'knows about computers' and they then end up being responsibile for them. Alternatively IT support will be provided by a "man with his van" IT company. Time and time again we see the following problems that a small business can encounter with this sort of support. This includes -
  • Users and networks suffering when an IT person is busy, ill or on holiday!
  • Back ups are unreliable and many companies think their back up works because they see the tape ejects every night !
  • Many IT issues faced by companies cannot be resolved by their in house resource or their current engineer because the complexity of the network over time, has out grown their understanding of the issues involved. New technology brings more efficient solutions saving time and money, unfortunately often the knowledge and expertise is not avaliable and the company IT resilience suffers.
Glo Networks IT Ousourcing does of course solve all these problems and provides these extra benefits -
  • As a Microsoft Certified Partner we have Microsoft behind us to provide support for all their software. That means always getting a solution to your problem.
  • Don't think about who you need to report the problem to, just give us all your IT problems. We will manage, solve and advise you on the issue keeping strong lines of communication with you - all of the time.
  • Our online resolution system - Glo Help - enables us to rectify most problems remotely, ensuring costs for our service are kept to a minimum - no more expensive call outs by engineers, jsut an immediate response. All problems raised on Glo Help are responded to within ten minutes, indeed the average time taken is 3 minutes.
If any of the above sound familiar, we would love to show you how we can provide cost effective support for your IT requirements. Give us a call today.
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