Glo National Happiness

We do things a little different inside the world of Glo. Let's make the world a happier place.

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Our main aim is to make our customers happy, our team happy, and your business happy. There are a few ways we strive to achieve GNH, an acronym that is inspired by Bhutan's wonderful president and his country's goal of Gross National Happiness. 

Bhutan's Gross National Happiness

Bhutan has a pretty admirable measure of success for their country that is based on their nation's happiness. Basing success on happiness places the importance where it needs to be. By investing in your people, you ensure your team is happy, comfortable, and healthy. A happy team achieves the dream.

Watch the TED talk for yourself

Keeping you happy

We want to achieve a Glo radiance at every step of the journey and for every individual that Glo has the pleasure of crossing paths. That means a WOW service for our customers and

The Glo WOW factor

Delivering a WOW factor service is not a tick box exercise for us, it's a continuous quest of progression and growth. No customer is like the next, from your business needs to the way you like to communicate. 

Our team makes sure you and your business are answered promptly and with care. To be the most powerful business relationship you have, we take every step to deliver you service and support that truly blows you away.

Keeping the Glo Team happy

The Glo team is made up of a truly star-studded lineup with mountains of passion and talent. It's important to keep our awesome team happy too.

As the team grows we hope to chuck in even more amazing aspects to their experience with us. An imaginary ideas pot is kept open so that we can reward exactly how every individual wants to be rewarded. After all, everyone has their own system and setup! 

Hump Day Brain Dump

Every Wednesday we get the Glo team together to share everything from lightbulb moments to bonkers ideas, tackling concerns and finding solutions, and chatting things over.

It's a great way for our team to speak up and speak out, bounce ideas around and feel heard. Every voice is valued. And the crazier the idea, the better, right?

Outdoor Meetings

We know the importance of fresh air, so for our Monday morning meeting we like to keep it open for our team to find a spot in the garden or take a stroll while having their first meeting of the week. 

Check out some of the evidence that shows the positive impact walking while being creative can have right here.

We Listen

Listening to our team means we can understand what they prioritise, what makes them happy and helps us answer their needs. With remote-working, flexibility and the freedom to be creative, the Glo team are in control of what makes them happy.