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Fitting your business with the computer solutions it needs


Evolving business need a strategy of how software and hardware will grow to support them into the future. Systems need to have levels of scalability and security which depend on the plan for the business. Simply adding both software and hardware to solve the problem you have now can end up costing much more. Glo has the advantage of working with many different companies as they have grown and we, therefore, can highlight possible pitfalls.

Computer Systems and Software Procurement

When we supply a Computer system for our clients we make sure that it is configured so the new user can simply start to use it. It will provide access to relevant data and emails apps etc. your business uses.

Hardware procurement

Choosing the right products to allow you to develop your business is one of the things we do well at Glo. Understanding and knowing your business aims and what you prefer is an important part of the process.

“Glo gave us a proactive solution to our requirement of users accessing data remotely, in a secure virtual cloud environment. They worked with us to get the best us of current technology at a sensible price. You know that a helping hand is there when you need this so we can get on with our business.”
Hazel Sweeney, Forward Waste Management

Software and licence Procurement

We organise and procure your licences and software systems. With an understanding of what you have now and what you want to use throughout your business. Once we fully understand your business and where you are taking it we can then advise on the best solutions. In some cases, it can be what will work for now and have a clear strategy of what is required for the future.

“Glo is quick to respond to our requests and queries, and they create solutions to help in the future. They are both proactive and reactive in the support they provide.”
Liz Thomas, Chord UK