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Great IT should be at the very bones of your business, allowing you to continue your working day without disruption or unnecessary stress, and protect your important assets like data and the system that keeps things ticking along. 

At Glo, we pride ourselves on being a professional, honest, and approachable IT team you can count on. With many years of experience under our belt, we're confident we can deliver flexible, cost-effective solutions and enhance the way you do business.

Now you know to expect IT Support that is going to blow your mind, let's break it down. IT Support is a pretty sizeable umbrella of services after all. Whatever your goals, setup, and budget is, we can provide an outstanding service to fuel your business. It's best to catch us for a chat to ensure we're on the same page and know your business needs inside out. 

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Here are some of our IT Support Services that may just tickle your fancy

IT Monitoring & Alerts

Unforeseen IT issues can be a nightmare for any business. Knowing that our trusty monitoring system is watching your IT infrastructure 24/7, 365 can provide priceless peace of mind. You'll see trends and head off potential problems before they impact your business. Your plans and strategies will be based on actual data.

We've developed standard sets of monitors and alerts that are automatically sent to the Glo team and to anyone in your business. Monitoring isn't one size fits all, we also use custom monitors and alerts bespoke to your business. We can also spot missed elements that can be monitored to help you proactively improve what you do.

IT Management Services

Harnessing our IT magic from afar! We are able to effectively manage your IT, from migrations to system implementation, regular support, and remote assistance and troubleshooting. Being able to rely on us to keep you in check and up to date while managing your IT, you can dedicate your time to other projects and increase your productivity.

What's more, with external eyes on your IT, you can benefit from the unbiased, outside-the-box, and focused thinking of our team with donkeys' years of experience.  

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Computer Systems for Business

Did you know you can turn to us for your hardware too? You can trust us to provide sound advice around the right hardware for your needs, ensuring your devices are sufficient for the systems your business operates on and offering you competitive pricing.

It's in our best interests to ensure our customers have great hardware to work from, it means minimal issues down the line and increased customer satisfaction. Yes, please! 

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Virtualisation Services

Virtualisation creates a virtual version of something that exists in your company's infrastructure. That could be virtual computer hardware platforms, storage devices, or computer network resources. It's a great way to minimise risk and manage your resources.

Check out how it can digitally transform and positively impact your business, and why it's a great way to invest your money to protect your assets.

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Your IT Support can be whatever you need it to be. With Glo as your trusty tech team, your business is one step ahead of the game and in safe hands. We've been told we're great value for money but more important than that, we protect, support, and nurture businesses  through the complex world of IT and security. Let us help you too!

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