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Migrating your data can be completed in one swift migration, let us take the reins.

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Managing your Microsoft 365 Migration


Migrating to Office 365 can be an exciting move for your business with teams able to work from anywhere, on any device. It has the potential to liberate how you work. Not to mention, accessing larger mailbox storage, increased security measures, and built-in data security too. Once installed, its easy to use and has all of your settings and data accurately placed and ready to go. 

It's important to handle any migration with providers you can trust. With multiple success stories under our belt, you've come to the right place. 


Office 365 Services for Business

Office 365 gives users a security solution with its advanced threat protection. It is highly rated by users and easy to keep updated. Our clients report it has simplified their day to day tasks. It is also a predictable and manageable cost to the business and can be added to and upgraded simply as needed.

Common Office 365 Migration issues

The most common problem we see at Glo in migrations that were done badly by others has been the loss of important data. The second was lots of downtime and disruption. We can ensure a smooth transition for all users. [read more on Office 365 migration in our Blog]

“We actually didn’t know what we were looking for until we found it, we called Glo and they were able to advise us on simple business solutions which have made our company much more streamlined.”
Rachel, Avanti Hygiene

“It is a great reassurance knowing that if anything happens to our IT system, no matter how big or small, Glo will do their very best to prevent it from impacting on our business.”
Amanda Gilmer, Chord UK

Microsoft 365 Consultancy

We can provide expert consultancy around Office 365 for you and your business. This will ensure you are following best practices, dotting the i's and crossing the t's, and giving you the greatest chance of success in integrating Office 365 into your business.

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