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Giving our customers great value and a faultless service that is in sync with their business is important to us. That's why we have carefully curated pricing packages for our customers to choose from, ensuring our IT support ticks all of the boxes, every time. It's time to check out our pricing packages and get thinking about what your business is after.

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If you are a business that values our focus on delivering WOW-factor service without barriers then this is your jam.

Here we work on a time-based contract to cover all of your IT needs, you can pre-pay at a lower cost or pay for what you use as you go.

Becoming a GloHelp Partner

Looking for strategy, support, direction, advice, procurement, budgeting and much more? We've got it right here! The bells and whistles are coming out to play and they're staying out. This is a fixed price with options for every service you require.

The sky is the limit!

What you can expect from GloHelp

Most of our customers are on our GloHelp package. With a high level of attention given to your account, we can provide fixes with important long-term consideration for your business instead of short-term speedy fixes. Our fast response time and personal approach make all the difference when you are held back by an issue.

Our time-based contracts mean you can select exactly how much IT support you would like and for how many devices. IT that fits your business like a glove.

GloEssential GloHelp GloHelp
Response Time 30 mins 10 mins 5 mins
Setup Examples (monthly cost)
10 Users 0 Servers £150 £241 £2000+*
80 Users 20 Servers £1800 £2410 £3000+*
150 Users 10 Servers £2550 £3856 £4000+*

Want to dig a little deeper? Discover GloHelp vs GloHelp Partner

Your Chosen Hours

With GloHelp, the power is in your hands. Choose, amend and pre-pay your hours to suit your setup. Set a cap to prevent over-spending and adapt your package to fit your IT requirements.

Fluid Communication

Got an issue or a query? We will fix it right there and then using your allotted time meaning no downtime or delays. Plus, we track your time in 5 min increments and it is rounded down, meaning you get more bang for your buck.

Staying Tech-Savvy

Virus protection is included, but we can provide a whole host of other services at your request. We will share our expertise and approach you with ideas to further protect and strengthen your business.

Unlimited Time

With GloHelp Partner, you get the force of an entire IT department, with undivided attention and the fastest response time possible. Your time is valuable, efficiency and growth for your business are our goals.

Inspiring Communication

Our pro-active, expert team are raring to go: giving you insightful advice, direction and knowledge to better your business and helping elevate your potential as an industry leader.

Unlimited Opportunity

Enjoy the exclusive service available from our team of experts, prioritising your business goals and opportunities. We only offer this to a limited capacity of businesses to ensure we provide undivided attention and unquestionable value.

The nitty-gritty details

We know that some people prefer it simply in black and white, no frills or fuss, just the facts. That's why we have provided a handy downloadable PDF to take away with you, just below.

No need to flick the kettle on for this one. 

Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

The time within the GloHelp package can be used on anything you require for your business. This is a totally time-based contract which covers all of your needs with us.

Your team will be kept at optimum efficiency, with all things tech running smoothly whether they're working from home or in the office. Our  GloHelp service is aimed at businesses wanting to truly protect their assets and work at optimum efficiency. You can receive better value for money on our services and hardware, all-important virus protection is included and you'll experience quicker response times as well as a more fluid IT service. If your business experiences an IT issue, we are able to respond and get things fixed more efficiently due to the time-based nature of the GloHelp package. We care about every single customer and will always strive to provide a WOW factor service for all. 

Our GloHelp Partner service starts at £2000 per month, for that reason, we understand this isn't suited to every business. However, with this package you are recieving the highest level of service available and an unlimited scope of IT expertise. Imagine never having to worry about the IT for your business in any capacity, safe in the knowledge that our team are all over every aspect of IT maintenence, opportunity and security. Everything your business could possibly require or want from an IT perspective is covered by one fixed charge each month. Fancy a chat? Get in touch and we can see what is the most suitable course of action. 

Don't sweat it. You can choose to put a cap on the time used or money spent each month on top of your dedicated time, or simply let us fix the problem in the time it takes to do so. We're all about giving you the service you desire.

Yes! In your GloHelp package, you can either prepay an allocated amount of time for each month at a slightly cheaper rate or pay as you go. If you do not use up your prepaid time for the month, it will get carried over to the next month. All of your time is logged in 5 minute intervals, rounded down and there is full transparency maintained at every step so you know exactly where you are at with your usage. Monthly reports are also available to showcase the activities carried out each period.

We want to keep our customers for as long as they want to be with us. After all, we're about giving you an awesome service that fits your business needs. That's why we simply require a 1 month notice period to end your GloHelp package. For our GloHelp Partners, we state a 3 month notice period. This gives time for our hard work to show and get things in action. This is a long-term investment and we are offering the crème de la crème of IT services, strategy and support.

Yes! We will always provide advice that has your best interests and business needs in mind, however, we understand that you may want to start on our GloHelp package before making a more substantial investment in the IT and security for your business. Don't worry, just chat to the team and we can make changes to your account in no time. We want to be the most powerful business relationship that you have and being flexible to your needs is just one more way that we achieve that. 

We accept all modern forms of payment, including bitcoin. We ensure speedy and secure processes are in place to make safe payments. 

Minimum Terms of Contract

GloHelp: 1 month | GloHelp Partner: 3 months

Pricing Plan*

*Partner Plan Package Prices are starting from £2000+ dependent on your setup

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